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Family Fun@Home

The primary learning objective for the Family Fun @Home program is to foster a collaborative and engaging learning environment where families come together to explore and apply STEM concepts through hands-on projects. By offering STEM kits or "instruction only" DIY projects, the program aims to promote curiosity, togetherness, and a shared passion for science and technology, creating lasting, educational experiences for families.

Curriculum: Encompassing all areas of STEM including art (STEAM).
Benefits: The Family Fun@Home program enriches family bonds by providing opportunities for collaborative learning and creativity through hands-on STEM projects. It offers a platform for families to engage in educational and entertaining activities that promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation for science and technology… all from the comfort of their home. This program not only strengthens family connections through interaction, but also equips participants with valuable skills that are useful now and in the future.

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